Limited-Capacity Special Performance: Mike Super


$40.00 -$60.00 per person

If you’ve think you’ve seen Mike Super before, THINK AGAIN! Mike continually deliver’s new magic experiences pushing the art to places it’s never been pushed! This show features some all new, never before seen magic, along with a few new twists on some old favorites!
Mike’s imaginary friend DESMOND is again summoned and this time causes a table to float out over the audiences’ heads and around the audience! Mike impossibly predicts information on YOUR CELL PHONE! THAT’S RIGHT! Be careful what you text! 🙂 A random spectator actually LEVITATES in mid air! There are no connections ofany kind! IT COULD BE YOU! Mike turns the entire audience into the magician! He lets everyone in the audience feel what it’s like to have the magic power to read minds by letting them “IN” on the secret! Well, everyone except for one hilarious and bewildered spectator that is!

Bring out the whole family and also bring out all those that missed Mike last time! Come join for an evening of the impossible that helps bond your family magically!

**max 6 guests per group. All tickets must be purchased together to guarantee seating together

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