Happy Habitats: Spring Seeds

Classes and Workshops: Family Friendly

$40 for one child and a guardian; $25 each additional child aged 5 - 9


Join us for fun and learning with hands-on activities that nurture healthy habitats. In this session, we’ll explore what’s needed to easily and successfully grow a variety of plants. We’ll talk about healthy soil, sunlight, water needs, and start our own plants from seed. We’ll have all the things on hand to make learning fun – coloring, constructing, and playing in the dirt! Kids will take home their started seeds and journal to track their growing journeys, plus the creations they make during class. We’ll also have healthy, kid-friendly snacks on hand!

  • When: Saturday, April 30th, 10am – 12pm
  • Who: Kids ages 5-9 with their parent (if parents think a child outside this age range would enjoy this class, feel free to join us!)
  • Cost: $40 for one child and a guardian; $25 each additional child
  • What will be provided: Soil, seeds, activity sheets/Journal
  • What you could bring: Recycled plant containers (clean milk or juice cartons/jugs, egg cartons, small pots or jars, etc. We will have some onsite as well, but this is a great way to get kids thinking about uses of things we use every day and recycling.

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